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X Science Nature's Energy

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How do we get energy from water? How can we use the power of wind? How is sunlight turned into heat? Delve into the world of creating cleaner energy through natural resources and become a renewable energy engineer with these intriguing activities!

Contents: 1 Car Chassis Panel, 1 Frying Funnel, 1 Water Wheel, 1 Solar Disc, 1 Water Cycle Model, 1 Plant Marker, 1 Sundial, 1 Finger Heater, 11 Straws, 1 Rubber Band, 2 Brass Fasteners, 1 Hand-Heated Wind Wheel, 5 Bendable Straws, 1 Paper Windmill, 5 Wooden Sticks, 1 Piece of Chalk, 1 Paper Filter, 1 Glass Marble, 4 Plastic Containers, 1 Paper Wing, 3 Beads, 3 Packets of String, Detailed Instruction Manual.

Ages: 10+

Dimensions: 13.25" x 9" x 2.25"