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Sloflo Bucket

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Sloflo Bucket.

This stuff comes to life when you play with it!

Compress it into any shape - A ball, a mountain, a cube, a mini figurine of yourself. Then, slowly, it begins to separate and starts to flow like magic.

It almost looks like there's something alive inside of it - You have to see it and feel it to believe it!

Get a big dose of tactile fascination with the Sloflo Bucket.

FoamAlive Bucket

  • Bucket of unique sloflo material
  • Encourages tactile exploration, creativity, experimentation
  • Mold it into anything you want
  • Slowly separates and starts to flow like magic
  • Looks like it's alive!
  • Includes 200 grams of FoamAlive material
  • Packaged in a sturdy, reusable, resealable bucket with a carrying handle

Perfect for ages 5 and up.