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Mesh Reusable Produce Bag (3 Pack)

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Mesh Reusable Produce Bag (3 Pack)

3 piece bag set includes:

  •       (1) 8"x10" (20.3 x 25.4 cm)
  •       (1)  9"x11" (23 x 28 cm) and
  •       (1) 11"x13" (28 x 33 cm)

This is the perfect set for versatile shopping, covering all your medium to large produce purchases as well as smaller items such as limes, garlic, and mushrooms.


These reusable produce bags feature wide mouths, drawstring tops and tare weight labels in grams, oz, and lbs so the cashier can quickly deduct the weight of the bag at checkout. Plus they’re made from 100% undyed and unbleached organic GOTS certified cotton so they’re fully machine washable.


Our flexible mesh reusable produce bags feature sturdy construction, heavy-duty drawstrings and stainless steel metal toggles, meaning they wont fall apart when you’re loading up with prickly produce, or come undone during transportation. These produce bags won't tear and are made to last for many years of practical use. 


Be kind to the earth. SOL + SPIRIT eco bags are made from sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured unbleached organic cotton, without any dyes or toxic pesticides.