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Meet WowWee's next generation robot MiPosaur. The MiPosaur™ is a highly intelligent robotic creature with an extraordinary, evolving intelligence and personality. It can sense its own surroundings and environment, and interact with them in a unique and lifelike way. 

How MiPosaur works: 3 Ways to Play

  1. GestureSense™ technology: MiPosaur™ responds to 10 basic commands and will react differently to each of them depending on his mood. It has three basic moods: curious, excited and annoyed. Cover his muzzle for a playful reaction, or experience his mischievous side by yanking his tail.
  2. TrackBall™: MiPosaur™ can follow, chase, guard and react differently to it depending on its mood. The TrackBall has 6 different game modes: Leash, Ball, Food, Teddy Bear, Dance, and BeatBox. Each game mode is represented by a different LED color. Each time you turn the know, a new game is activated. Take it for a walk, feed it a snack, or watch it beat box and dance!
  3. MiPosaur™ App: Use your smart device to remote control it, feed it (and see how its mood changes), battle with other MiPosaur™ or MiP™ robots, dance, or play tons of games.

The MiPosaur™ is fully interactive with the MiP robot and a Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 enabled app, compatible with both iOS and Android smart devices, and features exciting and engaging games. With open-source software the MiPosaur™ app invites the community to program their own solutions, opening the doors to increasing developments and fun for the robotic dinosaur.

Ages 8+.
MiPosaur™ requires AA and his TrackBall requires 4 AAA batteries (not included).
Dimensions: 19"L x 10"H x 7.5"W