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Nancy B's Science Club Way to Grow Hydroponics Kit & Gardening Diary

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No dirt? No problem! Get growing and learn about the science behind hydroponics with the Nancy B's Science Club Way to Grow Hydroponics Kit and Gardening Diary from Educational Insights. Perfect for aspiring botanists, the Way to Grow kit includes everything you need to grow your very own plants using nothing but seeds and water. Discover how root systems work, and use the included tools to measure and track your results.

  • Observe, measure, cultivate, and stimulate an interest in biology and botany!
  • Includes 2 seed baskets, 2 flasks with thermometers, and 2 trellises with rulers.
  • Includes 22-page activity journal packed with experiments, fun facts, creative writing prompts, and more!
  • Gardening Diary includes hydroponics experiments and history, including information about the Aztecs’ amazing floating gardens!
  • Supports STEM learning.
Ages: 8-12yrs.